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Imagine your market share if everyone truly understood what your products can do for them. You have incorporated innovative features into your products. Don’t leave it for the customers to connect the dots between your features and their benefits.
Let Inside Oil spell it out.

     We are available for:

  • Website and printed ad content
  • Marketing & branding strategy
  • Sales support/ technical support


  • Product development consultations
    (How much is each benefit valued?)
  • Surveys and market research
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We understand your customers needs better than others because not long ago, we were in your customers’ shoes – as a service manager, as a technician, and as an owner – (see About Us for more info). We understand their concerns. We express the benefits of your products in terms that all the decision influencers value.

Heating equipment is a business solution to those that install it. It should be marketed as such. We relate equipment features that the technician seeks to financial benefits that management seeks.

Making the best products is not good enough. You have to persuade others of your value. Effective marketing tells customers that your product meets their needs, allays their fears, and promotes their desires… better than your competition. Effective product development is how you live up to that message. Effective branding is when you do it consistently.
We communicate your value…Effectively!
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Contact us to see how we can increase your profits. Our rates are affordable.

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